A gift from the past into the future

THORGANIC is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer, derived from 80-million-yearold naturally occurring leonardite – an oxidation product of lignite. It contains Humic and Fulvic Acids, as well as Humate salts and numerous amino acids-substances responsible for soil’s fertility.

You can really have it all!

Given the challenges standing before global agriculture today, our innovative bio preparations offer safe, economically viable and effective solutions in the development of sustainable agriculture. Our Bio products of natural and microbiological origin improve the efficiency of plant uptake of nutrients, increase chloropyll levels and the workability of the soil. Our innovative microbiological as well as humic and fulvic acid based bio products have found a wide application in organic and integrated production due to their natural composition and their highly effective biostimulating and protective properties. The use of our range of bio products as part of a sustainable cropping programme is ideal for optimising inputs, reducing the carbon footprint per tonne of production and is safe for human health, animal welfare and the natural environment.




We offer highly concentrated natural humic acids free of pathogens and toxic chemical compounds, obtained from leonardite using the latest extraction technologies.


One of our key concerns is sustainability and the environment without compromising productivity; hence, we have created products aiding the formation of the humus layer and supporting healthy soil microflora to maintain and improve the long term health of the soil.


Our products contribute to the quantitative and qualitative enhancement of crops with an improved efficiency of nutrient uptake, larger yields, better disease and pest resistance and improvement in the soil quality leading to significantly higher economic returns.


Nature alone knows how to create optimal conditions for the development and maintenance of plant health.