About us​

The Farmyard Limited was incorporated in 2017 when a unique opportunity arose to provide the market with an all-natural, organic biostimulant not yet used to it’s full potential in the UK. We are a team of highly motivated and passionate individuals based in the heart of England who recognise the intense, growing need for a new concept within horticulture. Our goal is to provide a modern approach to a time honoured technique with the introduction of our products which provide  benefits going far beyond agriculture alone.

The prime reason for investing in TH ORGANIC is to ensure an environmentally friendly approach to farming. With a society which is becoming increasingly aware of and involved in the way in which crops are grown; whether it be the farmer who grows them or the family who buys them, manypeople are now much more aware of the negative effects of intense fertilization not only on the crops but also on the soil and landscape surrounding them.


Our passion lies in reducing these effects by providing an eco-friendly products which will still see society reap the benefits. Using TH ORGANIC aids nitrate reduction in rivers and streams, which all ultimately feed into our drinking water supply.

We liaise with and work alongside specialists to gain an in-depth and up to date knowledge of the

UK farming and agricultural market and it’s needs. Incorporating over twenty years of combined

sales experience with this expertise will allow us to bring you the future of agriculture; TH ORGANIC