A natural organic growth stimulator containing highly concentrated humic acid, fulvic acid, salts of humic and fulvic acids as well as a complex of minerals, microelements, amino acids and vitamins derived from leonardite.

Humic acids contained in this preparation demonstrate excellent effects on soil structure, microflora and plant nutrient uptake. At the same time, humic acids directly impact the health of plants ensuring their proper development, stimulating growth and increasing mass, whilst improving the quality, taste and aroma of crops. TH ORGANIC boasts exceptional efficiency and great performance, as well as easy application – which translates into the reduction of costs incurred by the whole process of cultivation.

Use of TH ORGANIC results in:

• accelerated germination, growth and development
• strong root system
• enhanced fertility and quality of crops
• increased performance of mineral fertilizers
• accelerated absorption of nutrients and microelements
• enhanced resistance against cold and heat
• improved soil fertility and richness
• ecologically clean and safe product
• potential to reduce nitrogen applications by 30% with no reduction in yield

The product is suitable for soil and foliar application in all crops.