Certificate for use in organic farming in POLAND NE/405/2018

Organic certification being currently sought in the UK

An organic agent improving soil properties:

• Pre-sowing: enhances biological life and soil structure,
• Post-harvest: enables and accelerates the process of mineralisation and humification of dead plant material to form humus in the soil.

It promotes the development of proper soil microora, while stimulating the growth and multiplication of useful microorganisms. At the same time, it allows for gas exchange in soils.

It reduces the leaching of minerals from soils and improves their bio-availability, supporting their optimal use by plants. It protects from the accumulation of harmful compounds in plants, which significantly improves the quality of crops.

As for tired and degraded soils, it restores their agricultural use and lowers the costs of production while eliminating the risk of undesirable bacteria, pathogens or fungi.

• fertilises the soil
• restores humus
• facilitates the absorption of nutrients
• activates microorganisms
• humifies harvest residues
• cleans and reclaims soil
The product is suitable for soil and foliar application in all crops.